What Really Happened To The Titanic And The Concorde?


ConcordeThe last Supersonic Concorde that crashed is rumored to have been brought down by the CIA. Why? Well, Concorde was built by Aerospatiale in France and British Aircraft Corporation in England, both military aircraft and missile manufacturers.  Every one of their clients and potential clients was flown free on the Concorde in order to woo them away from American weapons manufacturers.

The Concorde was the piece de resistance of flight technology, something the Americans did not have. And just like the Russian Supersonic Tupolev Tu-144 was brought down at the 1973 Paris Air Show, the Concorde was also brought down in a fiery crash in July 2000 in Paris.

Subsequently, all Supersonic Concordes were grounded to prevent further mass murders. After all, the Americans don’t have Supersonic planes, why should other nations? It’s also interesting to note that every so often European Airbus planes, American Boeing’s competitor, seem to strangely fall out of the sky? That can’t be good for  business, right?

TitanicThe same logic can also be used to explain the sabotage of the British Titanic (with new evidence suggesting there was a fire on board) and the German Hindenburg. Both passenger liners were decimated (respectively in 1912 and 1937) during their transatlantic voyages right before reaching their destinations in the US.

The Titanic was steam-powered, whereas the Hindenburg’s buoyancy was hydrogen-induced. Since the early 1900’s, only oil as an energy source was “allowed” to have a foothold in the mass transportation marketplace – it was true then, it is true now.

Oil was controlled at the time monopoly-style by the American John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Corporation and its sister companies. The destruction of these two mammoth liners sent an unequivocally loud message: use oil or else.