Why Germany Paid Reparations To Israel


Why Germany paid “reparations” to Israel is beyond any comprehension.

Germany1. Germany never did anything to Israel. Israel didn’t even exist during World War 2. On the contrary, Israel was created using World War 2 as an excuse, while demonizing Germany to no end. So Israel is the one that in reality should be paying “reparations” to Germany, just to thank them and apologize for maligning their nation throughout the last century.

2. Germany did not really pay “reparations.” What it did was pay taxes or tributes to the Jewish Empire, like the vassal states of old did to the empires of their time. America may be the current world empire to be reckoned with, but it’s on a tightly controlled Jewish leash.

Empires always squeeze their victims. For instance, Haiti just recently finished paying “reparations” to France, because the Haitians had the gall to kick out their French slave masters and declared independence in… wait for it… 1803. And what was the French reasoning for demanding reparations? Well, according to them, Haiti, the then richest colony in the world, was theirs, and the Haitians stole it. Go figure.

Now, we await the day when Jews will pay reparations to the Palestinians for having stolen their land, massacred their people, and kicked millions out of their homes. (We can dream, can’t we?)

3. Even today, Germany is an occupied country with many American military bases. Since it was on the losing side in World War 2, it was taken over by the US for the benefit of the Jews who control the Federal Reserve, a private firm that wags every other institution in America.

When General Patton finally understood that America was being wagged from within, he classified the war against Germany as, “The wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy.” After uttering such wisdom, the Empire sidelined and relegated him to a desk job.

4. The Nazis were very meticulous and kept strict records of everything that went on. Following their defeat, the US Army took over their government and seized all “pertinent” documents. So waiting for the real truth about the “Holocaust” to come from a shackled Germany is like waiting for hell to freeze over.

Besides, the onus is on the Jews to prove their accusatory lies, not the other way around. In a court of law, the accuser or the District Attorney is the one that makes the case for guilt, not the accused. And for Germany to try to prove its innocence is to try to convince an Empire-controlled kangaroo court of the fact that it was framed by the Empire.

Like Winston Churchill said, “History is written by the victors.”