Useless Scientific Theories


ADN_animationScience is the method of figuring out a) the world as manufactured by God, and b) new technology as inspired by Him.

“In the hearts of all who are skillful I have put skill.” Exodus 31:6

Real scientists decipher the laws and the across-the-board methodical and integrated architectures inherent in God’s creation without conjecture or bias (e.g., Newton’s LAW of Gravity and Newton’s LAWS of Motion). However, when pseudo-scientists can’t understand something that God created, they try their best to speculate. They call that speculation “theory.”

There are many of them out there, but the two most popular ones are: the Evolution theory and the Big Bang theory. Given that they were concocted by Atheists (or the A-s), heathens of all stripes consider them “facts,” as opposed to what they really are, unproved assumptions and conjectures.

Let’s humor these two theories for a quick moment.

1. If the A-s‘ ancestors were animals, where do A-s get their sense of justice, morality, and ethics? After all, animals don’t work for a living, they eat each other, and they self, meaning within their own species they sexually jump one another regardless of whether they’re related or not. In other words, why aren’t the A-s more concerned about enforcing these laws of the jungle instead of worrying about true justice, steadfast morality, and staunch ethics as demanded by God? That would be more logical, wouldn’t it?

Still, many E-theorists, when caught in the magnitude of their stupidity, try to wiggle their way out by “theorizing,” once again, that God was the one who used evolution to cause species to evolve into other species. If that were the case, God would have come right out and said it in His word, even if most of these E-theorists wrongfully assume God’s word to be false – as if God isn’t capable of choosing a few men to write His story, when mere mortals rely on historians to do the same.

Unfortunately, most of the believers in the monkey-upgrade theory (if not all) never bother to read God’s word from beginning to end; still, they hypocritically pass judgment while strangely believing in fantasies that supposedly occurred billions of years ago (Jeez!) with no then living historians and scientists or proofs to back them up. They’re like art critics trying to explain to Picasso what his art means when Picasso is telling them otherwise. Or better yet, they’re like the devil trying to convince Eve that what God said was not what He meant to say.

2. If Big Bangs were capable of creating things, scientists could go in a lab and apply that Big (bada-bing-bada) Bang theory (on a much smaller scale, of course), not only to prove its validity but to watch as new tiny universes and creatures burst into existence. Besides, didn’t Steve Hawking come up with a formula for that nonsense? The M-Theory? So what are they waiting for? They could actually turn its application into a lucrative business. Big-Banged tiny universes teemed with tiny creatures could be sold at Walmart where we’d be the first in line to purchase them. We would rule them with a rod of iron, and if those tiny creatures were to theorize that no one created them, we would teach them a lesson and smite them dead 🙂 .

Conclusion: God created it all, period – the Devil included. “The Devil?” some will question. Yes, the Devil and his demons. God uses them to bring about His ultimate plan and purpose, which is to challenge man’s free will and put through the fire unbelievers, atheists, and Christians alike in order to test their zeal for either the truth of God and Jesus whom He sent or the lies of the evil one and his cohorts. Otherwise, it’s like saying that the computer (created by someone) is responsible on its own for all the things (marvelous or not) it can do. Only those who foolishly believe there is no God adhere to such stupid theories.

“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ ” Psalm 14:1