America’s Woes


Man ScreamingThe most dangerous thing plaguing America today is American politicians. They’re nothing but political whores who have sold out their country to special interests.

Today, the most pernicious of all the special interests is the Jewish-Israeli lobby AIPAC, which continuously bribes all American politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, in order to keep Israel’s faulty foundation from crumbling, and to maintain a Jewish stranglehold on the Federal Reserve.

In other words, US politicians are being wagged to strengthen the twin linchpins of Jewish control of America: Israel and the Federal Reserve.

The Fed dominates all American financial institutions through their unconstitutional power to issue money; while Israel’s spy agency, the Mossad, spies on American politicians, blackmailing them with their dirty laundry, at the same time that AIPAC is bribing them; thereby securing Jewish dominance over the US Dollar, the world’s current reserve currency.

Israel is single-handedly responsible for all of America’s problems in the Middle East today, whereas the Federal Reserve is the root cause of all of America’s economic difficulties.

The second most pernicious special interest group is BIG PHARMA, which has no qualms about poisoning humanity just to pad their bottom line.