The Nazis’ Impossible Task



According to Red Cross records, apparently only 271,000+ Jews died during World War 2 in Nazi concentration camps, as opposed to the 6 millions we’ve been told were systematically slaughtered in gas chambers and incinerated in ovens (hence the term HOLOCAUST or BURNT SACRIFICE), and as compared to the 80 million non-Jews who actually perished.

Most of the Jews on the Red Cross list succumbed to malnutrition, exhaustion, and sicknesses while others were definitely killed.

The fabrication of 6,000,000 dead was just so the Zionists could have a disaster of such enormity that those who oppose the creation of the state of Israel on stolen Palestinian land, which materialized right after World War 2 in 1948, would shut their mouths when that bit of “history” is shoved down their throats.

Rounding up 6,000,000 people is no laughing matter, and no easy task to accomplish. It’s like purposing to scour an entire continent in search of needles in scattered haystacks.

In Germany alone, the Jews were a tiny minority which, according to a 1933 census, was approximately 505,000 people out of a total population of 67 million. Things get even more complicated when one takes into account all of Europe, which basically had the same slanted statistics.

If there were truly 6 million German and European Jews eliminated, the Nazis, with a reputation for efficiency, would have never gone through a complex procedure to kill them.

According to the Jewish propaganda machine, the masterly Germans did the following:

1) rounded up “millions” upon “millions” of Jews (they’d have needed thousands upon thousands upon thousands of trucks and soldiers, while simultaneously fighting a world war – Pft! Yeah, right!);

2) imprisoned them (they’d have needed entire city-like prisons);

3) fed them (let’s not even go there);

4) threw them in gas chambers (which never existed);

5) incinerated them – try and incinerate (Holocaust) 6 Million bodies, and see what happens – an average body takes about three hours to burn completely, and that’s with today’s technology:

6,000,000 bodies x 3 hours (with today’s cremation process) = 18,000,000 hours or 750,000 days or 2,054 years – in other words, the Germans would still be burning bodies of so-called Jewish victims, even if they were attempting to incinerate just 500,000 of them, let alone 6,000,000;

6) got rid of 15,000 tons of ashes from the incinerated bodies (any picture of Nazi soldiers doing that?).

Such a deliberately dumb and complex maneuver to kill humans, if it were real, would have nothing to envy a Rube Goldberg machine.

Shooting the Jews on sight would have been more effective, not to mention cheaper and with less manpower and infrastructure.

That’s exactly what the Jewish Bolsheviks, who took over the Russian government in the 1910s, did when they massacred 66 million Christians, including 200,000 members of the Christian clergy, and destroyed 40,000 churches.

Now, that was a REAL holocaust. See Jews and History: Lies Galore.