Polygamy’s Positive Side


Polygamy 2In the West, men are allowed to only have one wife.

Yet, despite the fact that many view said restriction as the only God-given avenue for sexual release, western society has nonetheless embraced a sex-obsessed culture which hangs over the marriage covenant like a Damoclean sword.

Ironically, in biblical times, when man was allowed to have many wives, there was no such fixation. See Can A Man Have Many Wives?

“If a man has two wives…” Deuteronomy 21:15

The western sex-crazed culture has selfishness at its root: “Me, me, me. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.” However,  if the western man was allowed to have many wives, it’d probably help get rid of that fetish; because having several wives with various children is hard work.

Consequently, the selfishness of pleasure for pleasure’s sake would be far from his mind, since he’d be too busy providing for multiple individuals within his household.

So why do so many belittle that God-appointed possibility just because they don’t like the idea? Which, by the way, they don’t have to implement – it’s a choice.

Well, many women abhor the thought of their potential husbands having sex with their many wives. Consequently, they also have selfishness at the root of their disposition: “We want our men all to ourselves. Tough luck, if we can’t give them the children they want.” See The Purpose Of Marriage.

Strangely, having many wives is already the norm in the “Christian” West.

Men marry, divorce, and remarry, then divorce again and re-remarry, and so on and so forth (and that’s not even counting those men with mistresses and children born out of wedlock).

This vicious and ungodly cycle spreads like wild fire through our society and leaves a devastating trail of broken souls. The end result is men with multiple wives. How so? Well, even though these women are “divorced,” they are still these men’s wives in God’s eyes.

“Therefore what God has joined together, no man can separate.” Matthew 19: 6

Yet, if one tries to solve said existing “serial polygamy” or “consecutive polygamy” within a biblical context of man having many wives in order to avoid divorce which God hates, one would hear all kinds of cries of blasphemy.

Women would scream the loudest, even though many of them have no qualms about having affairs with married men. Which means sharing a man is not really an issue for them.

Still, the married ones who feel “cheated” (cheated of what, no one knows for sure) prefer to divorce their husbands and remarry, thereby becoming adulteresses themselves, rather than biblically accommodate their husbands with additional wives he might want.