Virgin Til Marriage



The beauty of virginity can be found in the woman’s crafted hymen. God engineered that membrane for a purpose. He wanted woman to stay chaste until marriage. That membrane is a seal that is to be broken only by the man who becomes her husband. See Sex and the Christian.

Otherwise, the many partners a woman goes through become burdensome to the point of soiling not only her body but her soul as well. Today, we call it baggage.

That baggage is not unlike weed that creeps in and spoils a well-manicured garden. It causes all sorts of emotional and spiritual problems and issues, which may take years to unload. It even affects a marriage since many times the husband is at a loss to understand his wife.

“Women!” he often exclaims.

Indeed, women should realize that the moment they give up that precious commodity to a man outside the marriage commitment, their leverage for that man to stick around is lost. In other words, they relinquish something precious for nothing positive.

If all women kept their virginity until marriage, the happy side effect would be that guys would also keep theirs and avoid the same emotional and spiritual baggage or garbage.