Conspiracy Theory


All Seeing EyeConspiracies can take place anywhere, even at the family level.

However, we want to zoom in on what is commonly referred to as Conspiracy Theory, a pejorative term that is often flung at those who communicate uncomfortable views about the government or those in influential positions.

What does a conspiracy need? Two or more people or groups, plus an agenda.

Are there two or more people or groups conspiring somewhere to take political and economical advantage of many important issues?

One would be a fool not to believe so.

The problem is that our society has been brainwashed to see “conspiracy” as the work of crazies outside the government. That way those within government, who are being wagged by special interest groups, can go on conspiring to make specific agendas a reality, while pointing their fingers at “fantasist nuts” and their “conspiracy theories.”

So, wake up!

Even though those who posit sensible Conspiracy Theories do so simply by analyzing and linking facts and events, conspiracies are quite real. Therefore, one has to always look beyond the “official version” of things.