Sister Wives


A man with many wives may end up with a home where the women become like sisters.


They can create a family together and help one another with the many tasks required. And if one of the wives is incapable of breeding, she can then help in the nurturing of the other wives’ children and that way fulfill her own yearning to nurture.

Let’s say that a man, who’s married to only one woman, finds out that his wife cannot procreate. What are his options?

Surrogacy western-style costs easily around $150,000, and adoption through an agency runs up to $40,000. And that’s not counting the emotional toll and the many possible future complications that either option will generate.

Now wouldn’t it make sense that such a man should be able to take another wife, without divorcing the first, in order to procreate if that is his wish. Because just like woman was created with the desire to nurture, man was also created with his own particular yearning, that of having his seed materialized into his own children.

When a man is incapable of producing his own offspring, at the very least a son who can carry his name and his seed upon the earth, he feels impotent and unfulfilled.

The desire to have children from one’s own loins is kindled by God Himself. One can even go as far as saying that such a desire is even more important for the man than for the woman.

“Children’s children [are] the crown of old men; and the glory of children [are] their fathers.” Proverbs 17:6

However, a woman today would rather adopt a total stranger than help her husband fulfill his own yearning to have his seed become fruitful. Basically, if she’s not the one to make it happen, it won’t happen.

Another example is a man who wants a large family. If he’s married to a woman who only wants one kid, shouldn’t he have the option – if he can afford it – to marry at least one other wife who can bear him more children? Wouldn’t that make it easier on his current wife who only wants one? Doesn’t everybody win in such instance? Again, the woman can satisfy her yearning to have just one child, but it’s tough luck for the husband’s wish.

With more than one wife a man can satisfy his longing for a big family, while women who only wish for one child can also fulfill theirs. Why should a single woman, who’s having a hard time finding a husband and who desires a child, go to a sperm bank when a biblical marital ménage can be arranged? At least the child would have someone he can call “daddy.”

In addition, even nature appears to be on man’s side to have additional wives. Menopausal women who reach that dreaded stage around 50 years of age not only cannot bear children, but also suffer from lack of libido, vaginal atrophy and dryness, and shrinking of the clitoris which causes the inability to experience orgasm. In other words, enjoyable sex for and with these women is no longer an option. So what’s a married man to do?

Apparently, God has provided a solution which can be found in the fact that throughout history there have always been more women than men – enough for every man to have more than one wife.

Has God purposely caused such slanted statistics in order to favor polygyny? Well, since nothing happens without God’s consent, it looks like it is a trend that has indubitably favored it, to say the least.

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