Battered Women


Battered WomanMany seem intent on blaming God for the plight of battered women, especially since there are no human laws that are able to prevent such unfortunate circumstances.

At any rate, God didn’t set forth these women’s predicament. THEY chose their men, not God. It’s called consequences.

There might not be legal protection to prevent their plight from happening, however God did set out how one goes about getting married to help foil as much as possible such things from occurring. See The Biblical Marriage Blueprint.

If these things do transpire, the wife can separate herself from her husband temporarily until the husband gets some help and changes for the better. Family members are key in such an instance. The husband needs to know that his wife is surrounded by people who can protect her and provide for her. See The Family Is God’s Plan.

As a last resort, the wife can divorce her husband, even though God hates divorce. The only consequence of such an action is that she would never be able to marry again. That’s all. However, if she decides to marry after divorcing her husband, she would become an adulteress. Hence, she won’t see the kingdom of God. Now, that’s bad. Really bad. See Of Fornication, Divorce, and Adultery.