Right Of Conquest


War SoldierThe Right of Conquest, which some view as the oldest and most salient form of land acquisition, is nothing but a smokescreen to hide blatant thievery. Therefore, it is not only an egregious position, but a sin as well.

“You shall not steal.” Exodus 20:15

There’s only one country in this modern era of human rights that uses such an argument to cover its theft. Zionist Israel.

Its land thieves use the word “settlers” to con the world into thinking that Palestine was never inhabited, when in fact there was a sizable Arab population before converted European Jews disembarked there. See Palestine before the Zionists stole it.

Using the Conquest argument, it’s okay then for China today to invade the US in order to acquire more land and expand its Empire, since the right of conquest is the most salient form of land acquisition. And then when Chinese “settlers” begin to take over the homes of Americans (like Israelis did of Palestinians), no one should utter a word.

Right of Conquest is the argument of THIEVES!