GreedGreed is an ungodly cancer that plunges those who harbor it into moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

Though there are many good people throughout the world who still espouse good old fashioned financial responsibility, there are also many who embrace greed as their primary end in life.

1. Mega Corporations. They have displaced a great number of mom and pop businesses, with their only purpose being the satisfaction of their greedy shareholders who apparently can never get enough profit.

Thus profit has become their ungodly god.

If there is not enough of it, employees who depend on their jobs to care for their families are laid off without any sense of responsibility or mercy, while CEOs still get to cash their multi-million dollar paychecks – salaries that could easily be reduced and redistributed to keep more employees on board until a recovery. In truth, these CEOs need a Heart Adjustment.

The bottom line of these conglomerates is not the family’s well-being, but their profit margins and the padded bank accounts of their executives.

2. Individuals. Greed can be the poor or middle class man’s obsession as well. If you doubt it, then go to to a place where they sell that government-controlled monopoly scam called Lottery, and take a gander at that long line of folks hoping to win their ticket to unlimited money.

Or, just think of the multitudes with high interest credit card debts, accumulated purchasing trifles not necessary for daily living. These folks juggle many jobs, not to feed their families, but to pay off irresponsible debts.

Conclusion. To an individual a noble purpose is important, and equally as significant are a Corporation’s goals. If the object of any entity is money above everything else, or greed, sooner or later a breakdown will materialize.

It’s time for mankind to go back to the basics, and rediscover godly objectives. It’s time for God and His laws, loving patriarchal family, and purposeful responsibility.