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BIP stands for Biblicism Institute Post.

BIP Worldview strives to use common sense and wisdom to recalibrate the slanted views of the world with pithy and succinct posts.

We have been fooled for too long by those with pernicious agendas who have no qualms about leading the world astray.

Biblicism Institute is a non-profit organization.


Publishing Authorization

Permission is hereby freely granted (i.e., without need for monetary compensation) to post/publish all of our (BIP WORLDVIEW) herein web-published posts (except the photos, artworks, and drawings that do not belong to BIP), and translate them in every language of the world for any and all purposes, provided:

1) their integrity is respected;

2) BIP is fully named as the author, with either a link provided to the article’s permalink or the article’s web address published at the end of the article’s replication;

3) if other than reading publications, credit must also be given to BIP WORLDVIEW for any of our work that is reproduced and/or used in whole or in part in all current and future media works including but not limited to video, audio and radio, film, documentary, TV and streaming shows, social media, media presentation, etc.; end credits, if any, should also include BIP’s web-home address: https://bipworldview.wordpress.com